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Strategic Meeting of The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century Rockefeller Fdn Center, Bellagio, Italy, Nov 1 – Nov 5, 2010

Objectives: Establishment of the second strategic plan of action for the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21rst Century.
Organizers: Joe Tohme and Claude Fauquet

Dr Joe Tohme, Group Leader for Biotechnology at CIAT is a reknown scientist in the transfer of technologies to the developing countries and particularly on cassava. Dr. Tohme organized several international meetings including the CBN-VI in 2004 (more than 175 people from all over the world). He is one of the co-chair of the Global Cassava Partnership in 2005.

Expected outcome of the meeting: A plan of actions for 5 years with the establishment of guidelines for modern cassava improvement and for facing new challenges with global warming.

Summary: In 2001, CIAT, IITA, Embrapa and the Danforth Center built up the concept of a global development plan for cassava improvement with the following key words: Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Breeding, Farmers and Capacity Building. This plan entitled the "Global Cassava Partnership for the 21rst Century – GCP21" has been endorsed by the FAO and is part of the Global Cassava Development Strategy hosted by FAO. The general concept is to use modern technologies to benefit from the vast biodiversity of wild and cultivated cassava genotypes and to move useful genes in cassava cultivars without disrupting the existing combination of genes in appreciated cassava landraces or improved varieties. The principle is to develop the necessary tools to achieve the goals in a 10-20 year period of time for a very limited set of constraints to improve the global cassava productivity. It is a global plan because it will produce tools and knowledge available to everybody in the world, to optimize chances of application. Since the implementation of the first Strategic plan of action of GCP21 at Bellagio in 2005, a number of milestones such as the cassava genome sequencing, the genetic transformation, and the improvement of nutritional qualities of cassava, have been met, but many more constraints remain in the global improvement of cassava productivity in the world. At the GCP21 Ghent meeting in 2008, a review was done about the development of modern tools for cassava improvement and several actions were taken. It is now time to capitalize on these milestones to set up a set of new milestones towards that global goal. We hereby propose to have the second strategic plan of GCP in Bellagio in fall 2010. We propose to organize this strategic meeting around two topics:

  • establishing guidelines for a global cassava improvement plan
  • establishing guidelines for facing new challenges with global warming

Importance of the meeting: This meeting will be very instrumental for the future of the development of cassava in the world. 2001 was dedicated to the establishment of the concept of the Global Cassava Partnership and to its position relative to other global initiatives. In 2005, the first strategic plan was developed and several of the milestones have been met by 2010. This strategic plan provided the guidelines for the international community to develop research and development proposals. It is therefore needed to organize a second strategic plan for the next 5 years, to provide new guidelines to the community for new challenges for cassava.

List of speakers for the strategic meeting

Global Cassava Partnership co-chairs J. Tohme CIAT - Lebanon
  C. Fauquet Danforth Center - US/France
Cassava advisers J. Aninda Agra - US
  L. Beach USAID - US
  L. Kent BMGF - US
  M. Robinson Syngenta Fdn - US
  E. Terry Consultant - Sierra Leone
Global cassava improvement plan expert 1: M. Ragot Syngenta - France
  expert 2: F. van den Bosch Monsanto - Netherland
  expert 3: R. Flavell Ceres - Make, UK
  H. Ceballos CIAT - Argentina
  A. Dixon NARSL - Sierra Leone
  P. Kulakow IITA - US
  E. Kanju IITA - Tanzania
  L.A. Becerra CIAT - Peru
  C.M Fauquet DDPSC - US/France
Tools M. Ferguson IITA - South Africa
  S. Rounsley Arizona Univ. - US
  N. Taylor DDPSC - Scotland
  M. Seki RIKEN - Japan
  S. Eyleng CIAT - Sweden
New cassava challenges with global warming expert 1: P. Jarvis CIAT - US
  expert 2: D. Ort Illinois Univ. - US
  expert 3: R. Michelmore UCSD - UK
  Y. Baguma NARO - Uganda
  T. Belotti CIAT - US
  A. Bernard CIAT - Colombia
Other cassava experts and reps Naskar, Samir CTCRI - Kanti, India
  Alberto Vilarinhos Embrapa - Brazil
  Wenquan Wang CATAS - China
  Narangajavana Jarunya Biotec - Thailand
Rapporter Lawrence Kent BMGF - US

Duration of the meeting: 4 days

  • Day zero: Pre-meeting of the organizers with key participants. Preparation of the meeting and sharing of the responsibilities
  • Day one: Presentation of the Global Cassava Partnership (GCP21). Establishment of the Goals of the meeting
  • Day two: Reports and comments of the experts global warming
  • Day three: Discussion on the two different topics to develop a plan
  • Day four: Elaboration of the GCP Plan for 2010-2015. Write up of the press release by the organizers

Outcome of the GCP21 Strategic Meeting

  • List of participants
  • Final Statement
  • Press Release
  • Special Cassava Issue
Tropical Plant Biology
Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2012
Issue Editors: Nigel Taylor
ISSN: 1935-9756 (Print) 1935-9764 (Online)

Overview of Cassava Special Issue
N. J. Taylor, C. M. Fauquet, J. Tohme
The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21)
Pages 1-3
C. M. Fauquet, N. J. Taylor, J. Tohme
Is Cassava the Answer to African Climate Change Adaptation?
Pages 4-8
Andy Jarvis, Julian Ramirez-Villegas…
Examining Cassava’s Potential to Enhance Food Security Under Climate Change
Pages 9-29
David M. Rosenthal, Donald R. Ort
Cassava Production and Pest Management: Present and Potential Threats in a Changing Environment
Pages 30-38
Anthony Bellotti, Beatriz Vanessa Herrera Campo, Glenn Hyman
Cassava Breeding: Current Status, Bottlenecks and the Potential of Biotechnology Tools
Pages 39-72
Hernán Ceballos, Peter Kulakow, Clair Hershey
The Cassava Genome: Current Progress, Future Directions
Pages 73-87
Simon Prochnik, Pradeep Reddy Marri, Brian Desany…
Molecular Markers and Their Application to Cassava Breeding: Past, Present and Future
Pages 88-94
Morag Ferguson, Ismail Rabbi, Dong-Jin Kim, Melaku Gedil…
RIKEN Cassava Initiative: Establishment of a Cassava Functional Genomics Platform
Pages 95-109
Yoshinori Utsumi, Tetsuya Sakurai, Yoshimi Umemura, Sarah Ayling…
Cassava Bacterial Blight: Using Genomics for the Elucidation and Management of an Old Problem
Pages 110-116
Camilo E. López, Adriana J. Bernal
A High-throughput Platform for the Production and Analysis of Transgenic Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Plants
Pages 117-126
Nigel Taylor, Eliana Gaitán-Solís, Theodore Moll…
Information Resources for Cassava Research and Breeding
Pages 127-139
Sarah Ayling, Morag Ferguson, Steve Rounsley, Peter Kulakow Pages 140-151

Strategic Meeting documents:
Press Release ----- Program ----- Participants List ----- Final Statement

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