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Cassava Statistics

The world cassava data
Cassava per capita
Cassava the super crop... (to be continued)

Warning: Statistics for cassava are extremely important for a variety of scientists, developers, economists, bankers, investors, policy makers and more. Unfortunately, official statistics for cassava are of a poor quality. There are many reasons for this situation, the most prevalent one being that it is not feasible for these tropical, generally poor countries, where cassava is grown to send enough agricultural extension officers everywhere in the country to record surfaces, yield and production for cassava. Wherever there is a well organized industrial processing system and/or trade-marketing organization, it is then possible to collect much better statistics, as more accurate numbers are recorded at these places. Therefore, we caution readers and users about the accuracy of the cassava data that has to be used with precaution. Nevertheless, we need to use whatever numbers are available and we need to make the best of this data.

We provide here a set of information all downloaded from the FAOSTAT database ( where more and new data can also be downloaded at any time.

For the convenience of the users we provide excel sheets and ppt presentations that have been organized in different ways (see above), to generate information that can be used readily. Excel sheets contain raw and calculated data in various ways and explanations are provided within the slides of the presentations listed above.

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