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Policy options for advancing seed systems for vegetatively propagated crops in Vietnam Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
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From waste to wealth: The innovation turning cassava peels into a growing new industry Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
Next generation cassava varieties endorsed for release in Nigeria Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
Prediction of Aboveground Biomass of Three Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Genotypes Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
Food security: Expert seeks conservation, utilisation of genetic resources in Nigeria Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
AKILIMO can be Calibrated for Other Crops Says Pypers Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
Finding the best targets to improve crop yield by following CO2 journey inside the leaf Read Story 05/18/2021 Nigeria
Technological Innovations for Improving Cassava Production in Sub-Saharan Africa Read Story 04/18/2021 USA
International team first to stack virus resistance plus iron and zinc in a non-cereal crop Read Story 03/18/2021 USA
Developing dual resistant cassava to the two major viral diseases Read Story 09/18/2020 Nigeria
Simple mechanization of planting of apical rooted cuttings in Bangalore Read Story 09/18/2020 Nigeria
Cassava matters first episode on Nigeria at 60 years of agriculture Read Story 09/18/2020 Nigeria
A modelling tool for predicting the spread of vector-borne plant viral diseases Read Story 08/28/2020 Uk
Researchers help inform cassava breeding worldwide Read Story 08/28/2020 USA
IITA’s “Six Steps” upscale cassava weed management Read Story 08/28/2020 Nigeria
Image‐based root phenotyping links root architecture to micronutrient concentration in cassava Read Story 08/06/2020 USA
Image‐based root phenotyping links root architecture to micronutrient concentration in cassava Read Story 08/06/2020 USA
Project to build sustainable cassava seed system in Africa gets new phase Read Story 07/21/2020 Nigeria
Gene editing to address food safety issues and Konzo disease Read Story 08/04/2020 USA
Project to build sustainable cassava seed system in Africa gets new phase Read Story 07/21/2020 Nigeria
Agriculture for Sustainable Development, MSc in University of Greenwich, UK Read Story 06/07/2020 UK
Scientists recommend additional herbicides for weed control in cassava farming Read Story 06/07/2020 Nigeria
IITA scientist develops a cheaper and faster tool for identifying whiteflies Read Story 06/02/2020 Tanzania
Innovation can accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food system Read Story 05/27/2020 Australia
Modelling of the distribution of cassava production and harvested area based on agriculture census data and fine resolution disaggregating it to grid Read Story 05/27/2020 UK
IITA’s insect collection is based in Benin Read Story 05/25/2020 Benin
ACAI to Deploy ‘Uptake and Use’ Survey to Track Adoption of AKILIMO by End-Users Read Story 05/12/2020 Nigeria
Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world Read Story 04/19/2020 Finland
How did an ancient plant from Latin America become Asia's second-most-important cash crop? Read Story 04/19/2020 Asia
Full-length sequencing of circular DNA viruses and extrachromosomal circular DNA using CIDER-Seq Read Story 04/18/2020 Switzerland
How to Sample Cassava for Nutrient Uptake Studies Read Story 04/18/2020 India
Cassava breeding and agronomy in Asia: 50 years of history and future directions Read Story 04/09/2020 Asia
Unifying Cassava Brown Streak Disease surveillance Read Story 04/09/2020 Uk
A novel seed treatment-based multiplication approach for cassava planting material Read Story 03/16/2020 Brazil
Evaluation of cassava processing and utilization at household level in Zambia Read Story 03/16/2020 Zambia
Metabolic profiles of six African cultivars of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) highlight bottlenecks of root yield Read Story 03/05/2020 Uganda
A hunger fighter empowers farmers with NextGen Cassava Read Story 03/04/2020 Uganda
How the right planting season can boost cassava yields Read Story 01/28/2020 Tanzania
Post doc vaccancy to investigate molecular communication between tropical plants via common mycorrhizal networks Read Story 01/27/2020 Belgium
Roots, tubers and bananas key ingredients of a more sustainable food future Read Story 01/24/2020 Peru
Developing a Work Attitude for Africa: The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ in Context of Climate Change Read Story 01/24/2020 Africa
Genetic Diversity of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Colonizing Sweet Potato and Cassava in South Sudan Read Story 01/23/2020 Sudan
Laura Boykin Makes the Case for Cassava Read Story 01/23/2020 UK
Ground Penetrating Radar for real time crop monitoring Read Story 11/24/2019 Colombia
Indigenous languages and root and tuber crops Read Story 11/22/2019 USA
In the war on emerging crop diseases, scientists develop new 'War Room' simulations Read Story 11/22/2019 Uganda
A manually operated cassava chipper being exhibited at the AGRI-BUSINESS EXPO Read Story 11/18/2019 Nigeria
Our scientists must do more to stop menace of emerging pests Read Story 11/17/2019 Philippines
Exposure to air pollutants and heat stress among resource-poor women entrepreneurs in small-scale cassava processing Read Story 11/15/2019 Philippines
CNN-Based Cassava Storage Root Counting using Real and Synthetic Image Read Story 11/15/2019 UK
A low-cost aeroponic phenotyping system for storage root development: unravelling the below-ground secrets of cassava Read Story 11/13/2019 Colombia
Tools for scanning a plant's genome Read Story 11/07/2019 Global
Using variation in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to drive the productivity of the food security crop cassava Read Story 11/05/2019 Colombia
X-RAY Imaging in plant biology: Seeing the unseen Read Story 11/05/2019 USA
Annual report of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Read Story 10/31/2019 Peru
New plant viruses constitute major threats to food security – Virologist Read Story 10/29/2019 Nigeria
An efficient method of propagating cassava plants using aeroponic culture Read Story 10/27/2019 Vietnam
Big opportunities for pig farmers in West Africa Read Story 10/27/2019 West Africa
Proximate composition, cyanide contents, and particle size distribution of cassava flour from cassava varieties in Zambia Read Story 10/27/2019 Zambia
ACIAR funds research to protect cassava industry in South East Asia Read Story 10/27/2019 Australia
U.N. urges action as finds farmers losing up to a fifth of produce Read Story 10/18/2019 Global
Cassava and Climate Change: Boosting the IQ of a Naturally Climate-Smart Crop Read Story 10/18/2019 Global
From Corn to Cassava to Rice: Cultural Conception of Food among the Madurese Community Indonesia-Juniper Publishers Read Story 10/18/2019 Indonesia
Fully funded post graduate research scholarship in University of Greenwich Read Story 10/17/2019 UK
Horizontal gene transfer caused by Agrobacterium was found to occur in 39 dicot species Read Story 10/16/2019 Russia
The substitution of paraffin wax with cassava strach leads to sustainable Batik production Read Story 10/13/2019 Indonesia
UK aid partners with Gates Foundation to tackle global food insecurity Read Story 10/08/2019 UK
TCCIA gets 2,000 acres for cassava plantation and industry in Dodoma Read Story 10/08/2019 Tanzania
Kalro upbeat as it develops improved cassava varieties Read Story 10/08/2019 Kenya
Highlight negative results to improve science Read Story 10/04/2019 USA
RTB Newsletter – October 2019 Read Story 10/04/2019 Peru
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides a further 15 million dollars in funding for cassava project in developing countries Read Story 10/03/2019 Germany
Nigeria can make trillions of naira exporting ethanol – Cassava growers Read Story 10/01/2019 Nigeria
Analysis of Expression Profiles of Nuclear Factor-Y Genes in Cassava Read Story 9/29/2019 Vietnam
Philmech designed farm equipment for cultivating #cassava and other crops Read Story 9/27/2019 Philippines
Producing and sensory examine the biscuit using wheat flour cassava flour abacha floor and african yam bean flour Read Story 9/18/2019 Nigeria
Democratizing Molecular Biology: Doing Nucleic Acid Extractions Outside of the Lab Read Story 9/27/2019 Europe
Scientists find ways to improve cassava, a ‘crop of inequality’ featured at Goalkeepers Read Story 9/27/2019 USA
Making concrete out of cassava's Read Story 9/23/2019 Nigeria
Production of bread using wheat and cassava blend flavored with ginger project topics Read Story 9/18/2019 Nigeria
Producing and sensory examine the biscuit using wheat flour cassava flour abacha floor and african yam bean flour Read Story 9/18/2019 Nigeria
Will you be willing to switch to Avani, the bags made from Cassava? Read Story 9/15/2019 Indonesia
Cassava initiative: The MandiPlus Project Read Story 9/13/2019 USA
New app diagnoses crop diseases Read Story 9/13/2019 Uganda
To get a good yield first you need good quality stem Read Story 9/12/2019 Nigeria
Cassava regional co-ordinator for CIAT Asia talk about the acheivements of the Program in the past year Read Story 9/12/2019 Asia
How plant diseases devastate food crops in Sub-Saharan African countries Read Story 9/12/2019 Africa
Production of 2,3-butanediol from glucose and cassava hydrolysates by metabolically engineered industrial polyploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae Read Story 9/08/2019 Korea
Biofortified crops or biodiversity? The fight for genuine solutions to malnutrition is on Read Story 9/08/2019 Global
Genome Editing, Gene Drives, and Synthetic Biology: Will They Contribute to Disease-Resistant Crops, and Who Will Benefit? Read Story 9/08/2019 Mexico
Evaluation of the quality characteristics of flour and pasta from fermented Cassava Roots Read Story 9/08/2019 Korea
How Brazilian Cities are Boosting Sustainable Agriculture Read Story 9/03/2019 Brazil
Researchers seek permission to set up permanent GM cassava demos Read Story 8/23/2019 Uganda
KeyGene scientists first to discover ‘non-susceptible’ sweet pepper plants, cassava and cotton Read Story 8/21/2019 The Netherlands
Transforming cassava wastes to wealth as a climate-change mitigation strategy in Nigeria Read Story 8/21/2019 Nigeria
Symplasmic phloem unloading and radial post-phloem transport via vascular rays in tuberous roots of Manihot esculenta Read Story 8/15/2019 Germany
Hydrogels based on ozonated cassava starch: Effect of ozone processing and gelatinization conditions on enhancing 3D-printing applications Read Story 8/11/2019 France
Interesting article on Prolonged and diverse use of cassava in the Neotropics Read Story 8/09/2019 UK
Illuminating a dark world of rising hunger with climate-smart crop innovations Read Story 8/09/2019 Global
Utilization of infectious clones to visualize Cassava brown streak virus replication in planta and gain insights into symptom development Read Story 8/08/2019 UK
Rising CO2 is reducing the nutritional value of our food Read Story 8/01/2019 Global
Portable genomics for early detection of plant viruses and pests in Sub-Saharan Africa Read Story 7/28/2019 Africa
Cassava Investment Forum: Reviewing the past and understanding the best business practices for a brighter future Read Story 7/28/2019 Africa
How AI is Transforming Cassava Crop Yields Read Story 7/28/2019 East Africa
Climate change and rising population put pressure on essential crops in low-income regions Read Story 7/28/2019 Peru
The Manioc 21 project modernises 10 agricultural cooperatives in Central Africa Read Story 7/28/2019 Africa
Pursuing new technologies and ideas to conquer hunger through Super Cassava Read Story 7/14/2019 USA
A new way to grow crops in marginal soils could help feed the world Read Story 7/12/2019 USA
Cassava matters Newsletter 18th edition Read Story 7/12/2019 Nigeria
How to achieve more than 20 tons per hectare of cassava with improved weed control-mini documentry Read Story 7/07/2019 Africa
Physical characteristics of modified Cassava flour wastewater at room temperature Read Story 7/07/2019 Indonesia
New tool to help Cassava Growers Optimise Yield Read Story 6/25/2019 Nigeria
Investigating the use of wasps as a biological control agent for cassava mealybugs: modeling and simulation Read Story 6/25/2019 Thailand
A global surveillance system for crop diseases Read Story 6/282019 Global
Reproductive biology in cassava: stigma receptivity and pollen tube growth Read Story 6/282019 Colombia
Arabidopsis LEC1 and LEC2 Orthologous Genes are Key Regulators of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cassava Read Story 6/22/2019 Colombia
Scientists unravel genome and diversity of whitefly vector behind viral diseases devastating cassava in Africa Read Story 6/15/2019 Africa
Cassava brown streak virus Ham1 protein hydrolyses mutagenic nucleotides and is a necrosis determinant Read Story 6/09/2019 United Kingdom
Cassava brown streak virus Ham1 protein hydrolyses mutagenic nucleotides and is a necrosis determinant Read Story 6/09/2019 United Kingdom
Cassava Applied Research for Food Security in Northern Uganda Read Story 6/09/2019 Uganda
Endosymbiotic diversity in whiteflies associated with cassava in Colombia Read Story 6/06/2019 Colombia
Resistance against Cassava Brown Streak Viruses from Africa in Cassava Germplasm from South America Read Story 6/06/2019 Germany
Optimization and Production of Adhesives from Cassava and Corn Starch Using Design Mixture Method Read Story 6/06/2019 Uganda
Whitefly resistance in African Cassava genotypes Read Story 5/22/2019 Uganda
Genome of the African cassava whitefly Bemisia tabaci and distribution and genetic diversity of cassava-colonizing whiteflies in Africa Read Story 5/22/2019 Nigeria
Cellulose Nanofibers Preparation from Cassava Peelsvia Mechanical Disruption Read Story 5/15/2019 Indonesia
World Bank invests in Angola’s Cassava research Read Story 5/22/2019 Angola
Cassava enzyme linamarase commercially available? Read Story 5/15/2019 The Netherlands
TWAS-USM Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Natural sciences Read Story 5/10/2019 Malaysia
Call for Applications for research proposals in any area of science for joint funding research between BBSRC-Brazil (FAPESP) Read Story 5/10/2019 UK
Cassava farmers in Tanzania to benefit from new industry partnership with ACAI project Read Story 5/10/2019 Nigeria
IITA Cassava Matters Newsletter – Seventeenth Edition Read Story 5/05/2019 Nigeria
Structural and functional characteristics of optimised dry-heat-moisture treated cassava flour and starch Read Story 5/01/2019 China
Linking CRISPR-Cas9 interference in cassava to the evolution of editing-resistant geminiviruses Read Story 4/29/2019 Switzerland
Linking CRISPR-Cas9 interference in cassava to the evolution of editing-resistant geminiviruses Read Story 4/29/2019 Switzerland
Gene-Editing Technology may Produce Resistant Virus in Cassava Plant Read Story 4/29/2019 Switzerland
Google has opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence center in Ghana Read Story 4/14/2019 Ghana
A Survey research on Utilization of modified cassava flour for empowering wonogiri regency Read Story 4/12/2019 Indonesia
The Challenges of Using Mobile-Based Machine Learning to Identify Plant Diseases Read Story 4/9/2019 USA
Huge success of virus and vector diagnostic training could lead to similar future opportunities Read Story 4/5/2019 UK
The University of Battambang’s Cassava Propagation and Distribution Center develops high-yield cassava seedlings Read Story 4/3/2019 Cambodia
A Mobile-Based Deep Learning Model for Cassava Disease Diagnosis Read Story 3/29/2019 USA
Climate change is creating toxic crops and poisoning some of world’s poorest people, scientists warn Read Story 3/29/2019 Global
Development of a physicochemical method to quantify the extracellular liquid volume: Application to the transformation of cassava into gari Read Story 3/29/2019 Global
How genetically engineered crops can boost Africa’s fight against malnutrition Read Story 3/15/2019 Africa
IITA develops rapid multiplication technology to solve cassava problems Read Story 3/11/2019 Nigeria
Analyses of seven new whole genome sequences of cassava brown streak viruses in Mozambique reveals two distinct clades: evidence for new species Read Story 3/11/2019 Mozambique
Cassava planting material movement and grower behaviour in Zambia: implications for disease management  Read Story 3/10/2019 UK
Identification and Characterizations of Pathogenic Fungal Species Associated with Symptoms of Cassava Anthracnose in Ivory Coast Read Story 3/10/2019 Ivory Coast
IITA scientists develop decision support tools to improve cassava agronomy in Africa Read Story 3/01/2019 Nigeria
Why interventions in the seed systems of roots, tubers and bananas crops do not reach their full potential Read Story 3/01/2019 Peru
Surveillance for Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus (SLCMV) in Cambodia and Vietnam one year after its initial detection in a single plantation in 2015 Read Story 3/01/2019 Vietnam
Plant Virus vector Read Story 3/01/2019 USA
9 research projects in 7 countries, with international collaborations involving 16 organisations, focusing on cassava and many other crops Read Story 2/20/2019 UK
Truly Inspiring: Fighting World Hunger with Cray Supercomputers Read Story 2/20/2019 Australia
A method for generating virus-free cassava plants to combat viral disease epidemics in Africa Read Story 2/20/2019 UK
Impact of Host Plant Species and Whitefly Species on Feeding Behavior of Bemisia tabaci Read Story 2/20/2019 Tanzania
How to achieve more than 20 tons per hectare of cassava with improved weed control Read Story 2/20/2019 Nigeria
Process Optimisation of Enzymatic Saccharification of Soaking Assisted and Thermal Pretreated Cassava Peels Waste for Bioethanol Production Read Story 2/15/2019 South Africa
Cassava, sweet potato bread making initiative ends on a high note Read Story 2/15/2019 Antigua and Barbuda
Micropropagation of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Using Locally Sourced Substitutes in a Routine Medium Read Story 2/15/2019 Nigeria
Opportunities to Commercialize Cassava Production for Poverty Alleviation and Improved Food Security in Tanzania. Read Story 2/13/2019 Tanzania
How Data Collected to Identify Cassava Varieties in Vietnam helped Southeast Asia Respond Rapidly To a Viral Disease Outbreak Read Story 2/13/2019 Vietnam
Biofortification of field-grown cassava by engineering expression of an iron transporter and ferritin Read Story 8/2/2019 Global
First report of Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus infected cassava in China Read Story 8/2/2019 China
Nigeria’s GMO crop research to advance in 2019 Read Story 1/22/2019 Nigeria
VSU study bares how witch's broom impair cassava Read Story 1/18/2019 Philippines
A comparison study of five different methods to measure carotenoids in biofortified yellow cassava (Manihot esculenta) Read Story 1/17/2019 Africa
Developing bio pesticides against whitefly: a pump-prime funded project Read Story 1/10/2019 UK
Almost nine Million euros for improving seed systems in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa Read Story 1/10/2019 Africa
Fighting hunger in Africa - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports cassava research in Brunswick Read Story 1/9/2019 Germany
Innovations for Agricultural Value Chains in #Africa : Enhancing the #Cassava Value Chain #ebafosaa read their latest newsletter Read Story 1/9/2019 Nigeria
Biological control of an agricultural pest protects tropical forests Read Story 1/8/2019 China
A new MobileApp, Nuru, can help farmers & extensionists deal with the problem. Q&A with one of the creators Read Story 12/16/2018 Africa
Understanding cassava seed networks to curb disease spread in Southeast Asia Read Story 12/12/2018 Asia
Plenary Martin Fregene: African Development Bank 's thinking on Cassava and Agriculture Read Story 12/09/2018 Africa
NCU Researchers Achieve Lowest Toxin Level In Processed Cassava Read Story 12/06/2018 Jamaica
Exploring partnership to get AI app for disease diagnostics into farmers’ hands Read Story 11/22/2018 USA
Exploring partnership to get AI app for disease diagnostics into farmers’ hands Read Story 11/22/2018 USA
Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Profiling Analysis of the Galactinol Synthase Gene Family in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Read Story 11/18/2018 China
Cassava Plant Vibrant Green Leaves Close Up Panning Stock Video Footage Read Story 11/18/2018 Sudan
IITA, Sudan Sign MoU To Collaborate On Cassava Production Read Story 11/18/2018 Sudan
New publication: Pro-vitamin A Carotenoids Stability and Bioaccessibility From Elite Selection of Biofortified Cassava Roots (Manihot esculanta, Crantz) Processed to Traditional Flours and Porridges Read Story 11/11/2018 Colombia
First report of Cassava brown streak viruses on wild plant species in Mozambique Read Story 10/31/2018 Mozambique
An RTB-supported adoption study by IITA using DNAfingerprinting has revealed 66% of surveyed cassava farmers in Nigeria are growing improved varieties – that is around 3.1 million households Read Story 10/31/2018 Peru
Resurrecting your ‘zombie’ data just got a lot easier Read Story 10/31/2018 Global
Whitefly-transmitted viruses threatening cassava production in Africa Read Story 10/31/2018 USA
Improvement of the storability and Maintenance of postharvest quality of Cassava using surface coating Read Story 10/31/2018 Kenya
Missed the 18th ISTRC meeting.Watch here Read Story 10/26/2018 Colombia
Emergency CMD mitigation plan for affected countries #ISTRC2018 Read Story 10/24/2018 Colombia
A new full-length circular DNA sequencing method for viral-sized genomes reveals that RNAi transgenic plants provoke a shift in geminivirus populations in the field Read Story 10/21/2018 Zurich
Documenting and analyzing a successful case of biological control against the cassava mealybug Read Story 10/21/2018 Asia
Cassava Mosaic Disease Control Plan in South East Asia – Ninth GCP21 Strategic Meeting, Phnom Penh, Cambodia-GCP21 Newsletter Read Story 10/21/2018 Colombia
Interview of Lawrence Kent during the 2018 GCP21 Conference in Benin, Cotonou Read Story 10/21/2018 Benin
EARLIER TODAY: The launching of the E-Certification using Cassava Seed Tracker (CST) in SW Nig. was done Read Story 10/11/2018 Nigeria
Breeding improved cassava varieties that women and men want Read Story 10/11/2018 Peru
AfDB seeks partnership to lift one billion people out of hunger Read Story 10/01/2018 Nigeria
#CMDinSEA. The large group offering hope for effective control of CMD Read Story 09/26/2018 Cambodia
Moving Towards Zero Hunger, One Genome at a Time Read Story 09/20/2018 Africa
Multispectral imaging system and data-processing approach for the identification and discrimination of of insect vectors of mosaic and brown streak disease in #cassava plants Read Story 09/20/2018 Africa
A video demonstration on Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) in Southeast Asia Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
Government representatives, development partners and #cassava researchers from around on #CMDinSEA Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
The Regional Workshop on "Cassava Mosaic Disease Control Plan in South-East Asia" begins today in Phnom Penh Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
#CMDinSEA- Dr. Claude Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
#CMDinSEA- Dr. Claude Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
#CMDinSEA- Dr. Claude Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
#CMDinSEA- Nami Minato Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
#CMDinSEA - Dr. Ham Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
Hernan highlghts finding a solution for CMD Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
Jonathan Newby shares results of the Policy / Awareness group with the surveillance group Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
Dr. Trinh Xuan Hoat from PPRI Vietnam, reporting on behalf of the the 'Diagnostic and Surveillance' working group #CMDinSEA Read Story 09/19/2018 Vietnam
Sequencing for farmers. Using genomics to fight cassava diseases Read Story 09/14/2018 Kenya
Connected aims to build a sustainable network of international scientists and researchers to address the challenges of vector-borne plant viruses in Africa Read Story 09/14/2018 Africa
Researchers set to develop cassava variety that fights climate change Read Story 09/16/2018 Tanzania
Cassava with improved starch Read Story 09/07/2018 Switzerland
CRISPR-Cas9 promotes disease tolerance against CBSD Read Story 09/04/2018 USA
Veteran cassava researchers win 2018 Golden Cassava Prize Read Story 07/12/2018 Benin
IITA holds training on techniques for weed management in cassava Read Story 07/12/2018 Nigeria
GCP21 calls for regional approach to stem the outbreak of cassava mosaic disease in Southeast Asia Read Story 06/21/2018 Benin
#ACAI team is giving presentations on #Cassava #Agronomy at scale at the #GCP21Benin2018 in #Cotonou @IITA_CGIAR @GEzui @CassavaMatters @Ngome23 @NteranyaS @KwesiAttaKrah @Cassavaweedmgt @kslopez77 Read Story 06/19/2018 Benin
AfDB to invest $120m to boost cassava, others in Africa Read Story 06/19/2018 Benin
Fabulous traditional dancing from #Benin at the Africa Night of the #GCP21Benin2018 meeting in Cotonou Read Story 06/19/2018 Benin
After leading GCP21 through 4 International conferences, Claude Fauquet (right) hands over the leadership to the extremely capable hands of Mr #cassava himself (in blue) Prof Malachy Akoroda. The cassava community looks forward to more exciting times ahead! Read Story 06/19/2018 Benin
Intercontinental movement of germplasm facilitated by the CGIAR Germplasm Health Units (of IITA & CIAT in case of cassava) is vital to accelerated cassava breeding for new traits, as shown in this NextGen project slide of Egesi Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
The tough job for us all is increasing fresh root yield. This is the case for all crops." - Dr Herman Ceballos (CIAT) Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Dr Herman Ceballos (CIAT) is presenting on "Progress and challenges in our understanding of cassava breeding and genetics Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
A host of #cassava products on display at #GCP21Benin2018 incl. animal feed. RTB is funding the scaling of a technology to turn cassava peels – a waste product – into high quality cassava peel mash that can be used in animal feed Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Varieties are distributed spatially around the landscape Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Heroes in the Global development of #cassava, Alfred Dixon of #IITA & Hernan Ceballos of #CIAT , both cassava breeders, each receive the Golden Cassava Award during the Africa Night of #GCP21Benin2018 The cassava community salutes two outstanding individuals Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Spatial analysis of #cassava virus epidemics and modelling cassava crop coverage Africa-wide Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Manual peeling of cassava demands skills and is predominantly done by women in #Africa Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Dr. Chiedozie (IITA) is delivering his talk on "NextGen Cassava breeding: Delivering Genetic Gains in Cassava to small holder Farmers in Africa" Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
"Cassava breeding is a lengthy process; it takes up to a decade to release new varieties." Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Collaboration enhances our work rather than diminish it. Sharing germplasm and knowledge is a smart thing to do." - Dr Herman Ceballos (CIAT) Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
The global cassava breeding network evaluated with its colleagues Read Story 06/15/2018 Benin
Improving Starch Yield of Tobacco Using Cassava Gene ssiv Read Story 04/18/2018 Vietnam
We're now testing GPR in a real cassava field environment." Dr. Michael Gomez Selvaraj Read Story 04/17/2018 Colombia
See our scientists in action as they make breeding cassava more efficient and less damaging to the plant Read Story 04/17/2018 Colombia
The transformation of cassava production should start right from Nigeria before extending to other parts of Africa Read Story 04/17/2018 Benin
More cassava for less time Read Story 04/05/2018 Colombia
Global Cassava Partnership for the 21 century holds world press conference and cassava exhibition in Lagos Read Story 04/17/2018 Nigeria
Penn State-developed plant-disease app recognized by Google Read Story 04/04/2018 USA
Physical losses could partially explain modest carotenoid retention in dried food products from biofortified cassava Read Story 23/03/2018 UK
Agric commissioners propose 2019 budget for full deployment of IITA Cassava weed management techniques in states Read Story 23/03/2018 Nigeria
NuruAI the cassava disease diagnosis app being put through her paces in Rutana Read Story 22/03/2018 Burundi
Exchanging and managing in-vitro elite germplasm to combat Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) and Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) in Eastern and Southern Africa Read Story 22/03/2018 Tanzania
Cassava rising: International project inaugurates 2nd phase in Tanzania Read Story 22/03/2018 USA
Allele exchange at the EPSPS locus confers glyphosate tolerance in cassava Read Story 03/09/2018 USA
Data can help to end malnutrition across Africa, writes Kofi Annan Read Story 03/07/2018 Africa
What can a breeder do without good data? Read Story 03/07/2018 USA
DRC ranks number 7 out of 78 countries suitable for investing in vitamin A cassava Read Story 03/04/2018 Nigeria
Kenya inching closer to disease-free GMO cassava Read Story 02/18/2018 Kenya
Unravelling the Genetic Diversity among Cassava Bemisia tabaci whiteflies using NextRAD Sequencing Read Story 02/18/2018 Tanzania
Cornell receives $35M to support cassava development for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa Read Story 02/17/2018 USA
Bill Gates: Improving photosynthesis can solve world hunger Read Story 02/06/2018 USA
IITA and partners meet with Togo president and officials to discuss joint projects Read Story 02/03/2018 Nigeria
Protecting cassava from disease? There’s an app for that Read Story 02/01/2018 USA
Provitamin A biofortification of cassava enhances shelf life but reduces dry matter content of storage roots due to altered carbon partitioning into starch Read Story 01/31/2018 USA
Cassava-cowpea-forage grass system is a climate-smart practice used by farmers to improve soil fertility in vietnam Read Story 01/28/2018 Vietnam
IITA receives grant to carry out confined field trials of transgenic cassava Read Story 01/10/2018 Nigeria
Free cropping & #soil health manuals on #cassava and many more crops Read Story 12/05/2017 Africa
Accelerating University of Lampung Excellence on Cassava through breeding & technology Read Story 12/05/2017 Indonesia
Breeding of Cassava new cultivar SC No.14 resistant to Postharvest physiological deterioration in CATAS, China Read Story 12/05/2017 China
Rapid Mass healthy seed system of cassava developed by Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GXAAS) Read Story 12/05/2017 China
Cassava breeding in the University of the Philippines, Los Baños (UPLB) Read Story 12/05/2017 Philippines
Bridging Cassava to the Community: Simple practices of Connecting Research-Industry-Community in Bogor Agricultural University Read Story 12/05/2017 Indonesia
Local varieties of cassava: conservation, cultivation and use in Uganda Read Story 11/28/2017 Uganda
DNA fingerprinting uncovers exactly who and why farmers use improved cassava Read Story 11/25/2017 Colombia
Occurrence of cassava brown streak disease and associated Cassava brown streak virus and Ugandan cassava brown streak virus in the Comoros Islands Read Story 11/25/2017 Comoras
Unusual occurrence of a DAG motif in the Ipomovirus Cassava brown streak virus and implications for its vector transmission Read Story 11/24/2017 Australia
Cassava's Flower Power - How do you breed a crop that hates making flowers? Read Story 11/24/2017 USA
NextGen Cassava newsletter October-December 2017 Read Story 11/24/2017 USA
One step closer to crops with twice the yield Read Story 11/15/2017 The Netherlands
VIRCA Plus relies on community values to develop farmer-preferred disease resistant cassava variety Read Story 11/08/2017 USA
Deep assessment of genomic diversity in Cassava for Herbicide Tolerance and starch biosynthesis Read Story 10/29/2017 Colombia
Where in the world is there a cassava virus? This new app can show you Read Story 10/29/2017 Colombia
Combining cassava flour in the bread dough might assure access to food in the future Read Story 10/25/2017 Denmark
Potato and cassava will be selected as the candidate plant models for investigation microgravity environment in the space Read Story 10/25/2017 Thailand
Thai researchers win Platinum and Gold Medal awards in Taipei Read Story 10/25/2017 Thailand
A surprising focus on roots, tubers and bananas at the Sugarcane Research Institute of Tanzania Read Story 10/24/2017 Tanzania
Household determinants of the adoption of improved Cassava varieties using DNA fingerprinting to identify varieties in farmer fields: A Case study in Colombia Read Story 10/18/2017 Colombia
Dupont pioneer and Danforth center collaborate to apply cutting-edge technologies to improve crops for smallholder farmers Read Story 10/18/2017 USA
CIAT and ICAR expand partnership addressing challenges to South Asian agriculture Read Story 10/17/2017 India
IITA breakthrough: Now, cassava farmers will no longer worry about weeds or weeding Read Story 10/17/2017 Nigeria
ICTs For Small-Scale Farmers: A Game Changing Approach to Climate Smart Agriculture in Latin America | Colombia and Honduras Read Story 10/13/2017 Global
With genome editing, plant breeding gets a boost Read Story 10/13/2017 Colombia
Uganda’s Parliament on October 4, 2017 passed the long-awaited National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill into law becoming the Biosafety Act of 2017 Read Story 10/11/2017 Uganda
New app diagnoses crop diseases in the field and alerts rural farmers Read Story 10/08/2017 Nigeria
Substantial investment to tackle challenges of African vector-borne plant diseases Read Story 10/08/2017 UK
First SAH originated cassava stems harvested in Nigeria Read Story 10/06/2017 Nigeria
Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century – GCP21 Creating Database about Cassava Projects around the World Read Story 10/03/2017 USA
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-8 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-7 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-6 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-5 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-4 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-3 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-2 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Cassava Matters Newsletter – Issue-1 Read Story 10/03/2017 Nigeria
Kalro develops new cassava varietyin push for alternative crops Read Story 10/01/2017 Kenya
Boosting breeding of carbohydrate heavyweight cassava Read Story 10/01/2017 UK
NRI signs cooperation agreement with EMBRAPA, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Read Story 09/25/2017 UK
Vitamin-enriched cassava, sweet potato maize & more from HarvestPlus Read Story 09/22/2017 USA
HarvestPlus named finalist in MacArthur foundation competition for $100 million grant Read Story 09/22/2017 USA
In East African cassava fields, a new genomics tool is saving crops and lives Read Story 09/21/2017 Tanzania
Ugandan biotech cassava field trials show another success in virus resistance, protecting a crop that feeds >800 M Read Story 09/21/2017 Uganda
Stellenbosch University partner with AB InBev Read Story 09/20/2017 South Africa
CIAT and ICAR sign updated MOU to collaborate on cassava, forages, climate, beans, soils and BigData Read Story 09/16/2017 Colombia
Paper on biohydrogen yields from cassava residue and swine manure Read Story 09/16/2017 China
Why “Namikonga” farmers’ variety can withstand devastating effects of deadly viral cassava disease Read Story 09/16/2017 Tanzania
AfDB in new drive to spur agric industrialisation Read Story 09/16/2017 Rwanda
Customising solutions—whiteflies and world hunger Read Story 09/16/2017 Australia
Harvest Plus, is promoting crop bio-fortification with vitamin A, iron or zinc Read Story 09/16/2017 Nigeria
Time series transcriptome analysis of cassava varieties challenged with Ugandan cassava brown streak virus Read Story 09/10/2017 Uganda
Tackling agriculturally relevant diseases in the staple crop cassava (Manihot esculenta) Read Story 09/10/2017 Switzerland
Soil fertility and plant health offer clues why cassava entices certain pests Read Story 09/08/2017 Colombia
Madagascar food security outlook update for cassava and other Key crops Read Story 09/06/2017 Madagascar
Tensor Flow App for Cassava Disease Diagnosis got its first field outing Read Story 09/06/2017 Nigeria
Scavenging the Mexican wild for cassava that make symptoms of cassava mosaic disease worse Read Story 09/01/2017 Mexico
3 years of Tanzania study finds that communities can reduce cassava disease’s impact Read Story 08/29/2017 Tanzania
Classification of elite cassava varieties (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivated in Benin Republic using farmers’ knowledge, morphological traits and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers Read Story 08/27/2017 Benin
Innovative processing technology for converting fresh peels into high-quality cassava peel mash for use as livestock feed Read Story 08/26/2017 Nigeria
The ABC of weed management in cassava production in Nigeria Read Story 08/25/2017 Nigeria
Multi-crop project in Uganda catalyzes postharvest innovations Read Story 08/25/2017 Uganda
Lessons from efforts to reduce postharvest losses and commercialize cassava to boost food security in Africa Read Story 08/25/2017 Peru
Lessons from efforts to reduce postharvest losses and commercialize cassava to boost food security in Africa Read Story 08/25/2017 Tanzania
IITA, USAID Mission to jointly tackle cassava diseases in DR Congo Read Story 08/25/2017 Dr Congo
Scientists discover generic markers resistant to deadly cassava diseases Read Story 08/24/2017 Tanzania
Experts want research and technology to drive up agriculture transformation Read Story 09/08/2017 Rwanda
Researchers introduce  semi-autotrophic hydroponics (SAH) technology to speed up Cassava multiplication Read Story 08/08/2017 Nigeria
Ground penetrating radar: a case study for estimating root bulking rate in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Read Story 08/08/2017 Colombia
Learn about cassava variety Nataima-31 - bred for whitefly resistance, high yield & cooking qualities Read Story 08/05/2017 Colombia
Gates team discusses food security with IITA Read Story 08/05/2017 Nigeria
Have you checked out our newest publication, 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava, Volume 1' Read Story 08/04/2017 Global
FIIRO partners German firms GIZ, BOSCH on cassava processing Read Story 08/02/2017 Nigeria

7 counties to benefit from 6.5mn euro grant to boost cassava production

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East African scientists turn to gene sequencing against 'Ebola of plants'

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East Africa

Electronic Cassava Root developed by Keith Tomlins at NRI helps tracks the cassava root freshness during transportation from farm to market

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Driving adoption with multi-media platforms: Cassava projects' winning strategy Read Story 07/07/2017 Nigeria
IITA_CGIAR ’s research breakthroughs on Root tuber and Banana highlighted at media forum Read Story 07/05/2017 Nigeria
New cassava varieties to ease Hunger pangs Read Story 07/05/2017 Kenya
Dr.Daniel Debouck received the highest award of Kingdom Belgium:Order of Leopold Read Story 07/01/2017 Colombia
AfDB’s Akinwumi Adesina named 2017 World Food Prize Laureate Read Story 06/30/2017 Global
A Project from Embrapa creates new protocol forlarge-scale production of disease-free, drought-resistant cassava seedlings with good genetic quality cassava seedlings Read Story 06/30/2017 Brazil
Study from embrapa and USDA shows that elevated [CO2] alleviates the effect of drought stress on cassava and increase the yield Read Story 06/30/2017 Brazil
IFAD, AATF to boost 13, 000 farmers with cassava mechanisation programme Read Story 06/28/2017 Nigeria
CRISPR: A new toolbox for better crops Read Story 06/15/2017 USA
Minister of finance visits IITA, ADB-funded agri-business empowerment programme Read Story 06/13/2017 Nigeria
NARO showcases the power of Biotechnology in improving commercial Cassava production Read Story 06/02/2017 Uganda
New study published on FLOWERING LOCUS T triggers early and fertile flowering in glasshouse-grown cassava plants Read Story 05/31/2017 Belgium
Tackling agriculturally relevant diseases in the staple crop cassava (Manihot esculenta) Read Story 05/23/2017 Switzerland
Treasure trove of new plant discoveries revealed including 11 new species of cassava from Brazil Read Story 05/21/2017 UK
Agri-tech innovation is breaking down barriers for African cassava farmers Read Story 05/17/2017 South Africa
New manuals show how to extend shelf-life of cassava roots to increase incomes & food security Read Story 05/17/2017 Peru
RTB launches second phase and enhanced partnership with Wageningen University & Research Read Story 05/17/2017 Peru
New opportunities and challenges to engineer disease resistance in cassava, a staple food of African small-holder farmers Read Story 05/11/2017 USA
Gorta-Self Help Africa wins €6.5m crop project in Kenya Read Story 0511/2017 Kenya
Building an Economically Sustainable Seed System for Cassava in Tanzania (BEST Cassava) Read Story 05/10/2017 Tanzania
Innovatively expanding the reach and impact of Vitamin A Cassava in Africa Read Story 05/04/2017 Nigeria
Cassava is genetically decaying, putting staple crop at risk Read Story 05/03/2017 Nigeria
Accelerating scaling of innovations in the African Cassava Agronomy Initiative Read Story 05/03/2017 Nigeria
New cassava cultivar released by the Tropical Crops Genetic Resource Institute, China Read Story 04/26/2017 China
New cassava variety to lift West Nile farmers off the poverty hook Read Story 04/23/2017 Uganda
Minister tasks research institutes to commercialise findings Read Story 04/21/2017 Nigeria
Scientist use phylogeny to isolate the the cassava’s biggest destroyer: whiteflies, in Kenya Read Story 04/20/2017 Kenya
Researchers to unveil techniques for controlling weeds in cassava Read Story 03/30/2017 Nigeria
Rockefeller Foundation announces $500,000 funding for university’s "Cassava Bag" Read Story 03/29/2017 UK
Experts to develop commercial models for Cassava Read Story 03/23/2017 Nigeria
Comparative gender efficiency in Cassava production in Ogun State, Nigeria Read Story 03/23/2017 Nigeria
Nigeria to benefit from N7.6b cassava grant Read Story 03/21/2017 Nigeria
Gender training workshop report by Prof. Janice Olawoye Read Story 03/17/2017 Nigeria
New research claimed to identify the first cyanogenic glucoside transporter in cassava responsible for toxic cassava Read Story 03/16/2017 Denmark
Early transcriptome response to brown streak virus infection in susceptible and resistant cassava varieties Read Story 03/12/2017 Switzerland
Early transcriptome response to brown streak virus infection in susceptible and resistant cassava varieties Read Story 03/12/2017 Switzerland
Scientists to detail progress and challenges regarding global cassava threats at meetings in Nigeria Read Story 03/10/2017 Nigeria
DA-PRDP to start cassava granules production in S. Cotabato Read Story 03/10/2017 Philippines
Eliminating hidden hunger in Africa by fortifying staple crops Read Story 02/26/2017 USA
HarvestPlus plans 500,000mt demand for biofortified crops, foods in 2017 Read Story 02/26/2017 Nigeria
The magic of cassava: adapting to climate change in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Read Story 02/23/2017 DRC
Ericulture- a boom to cassava farmers Read Story 02/21/2017 Thailand
Gene expression atlas for the food security crop cassava Read Story 02/16/2017 USA
Ogun govt partners IFAD on cassava, rice production Read Story 02/15/2017 Nigeria
Innovative NRI projects measure up tools for improved nutrition Read Story 02/10/2017 UK
Malawi farmers apply new methods to increase yield Read Story 02/14/2017 Malawi
CPR releases new variety of Cassava variety to Tanzania Read Story 02/09/2017 Tanzania
African Cassava Agronomy Initiative helps unlock the agronomy of cassava across Nigeria and Tanzania Read Story 02/09/2017 Nigeria

Global partnerships for improving cassava

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Controlling the twin viral cassava diseases in East Africa through breeding-major victories, but fight is far from over Read Story 02/06/2017 Tanzania
Effects of CO2 Enrichment on Drought-Stressed Cassava Plants Read Story 02/02/2017 Publication
VSU study bares how phytoplasma impair cassava Read Story 02/01/2017 Philippines
A simple hydroponic hardening system and the effect of nitrogen source on the acclimation of in vitro cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Read Story 01/29/2017 Colombia
CRISPR inventors expand into agriculture to create desired mutations in Cassava and many other crops Read Story 01/26/2017 USA
Research shows how to grow more cassava, one of the world’s key food crops Read Story 01/25/2017 USA
Cassava could 'transform economies' in Central Africa Read Story 01/24/2016 Cameroon
West Australian agricultural scientist wins prestigious TED fellowship Read Story 01/20/2017 Australia
New disease resistant cassava varieties to be multiplied Read Story 12/28/2016 Rwanda
Cassava coup for Africa with new technology Read Story 01/17/2016 Australia
New disease resistant cassava varieties to be multiplied Read Story 12/28/2016 Rwanda
Co-fermentation of cassava waste pulp hydrolysate with molasses to ethanol for economic optimization Read Story 12/28/2016 Thailand
New book on cassava now online Read Story 12/28/2016 Global
Danforth Center receives funding to expand cassava project to Nigeria Read Story 12/23/2016 Nigeria
Promote alliances in cassava R&D to aid food security Read Story 12/21/2016 Cameroon
Why We’re Biofortifying Staple Foods – Howarth Bouis Read Story 12/16/2016 Nigeria
IITA Cameroon participates in the CTA Cassava regional Forum in Yaoundé Read Story 12/16/2016 Nigeria
Behind the cover: New phytologist 213:1, January 2017 Read Story 12/12/2016 Global
Isabela-made implement digs cassava fast Read Story 12/05/2016 Philippines
Tanzania partners with Cornell-affiliated NextGen Cassava Read Story 12/05/2016 Tanzania
Global initiative calls for urgent action against invasive alien species Read Story 11/29/2016 Global
Divergent evolutionary and epidemiological dynamics of
cassava mosaic geminiviruses in Madagascar
Read Story 11/29/2016 Madagascar
Southwestern Colombia will have two new varieties of
cassava delivered by Corpoica
Read Story 11/29/2016 Colombia
The 1st International Fair of Cassava (Fiman) brings together
60 exhibitors and 5000 visitors
Read Story 11/27/2016 Brazil
UNIDO promotes cassava bioethanol technology transfer
at a Ho Chi Minh City 
Read Story 11/27/2016 Vietnam
Lassa fever: UI researcher develops rat baits from cassava waste Read Story 11/27/2016 Nigeria
Chapter contribution to a new book Read Story 11/23/2016 Ghana
Transforming cassava peel waste to quality feeds fast-tracked
by private sector in Nigeria
Read Story 11/21/2016 Nigeria
Eleven years of breeding efforts to combat cassava brown
streak disease
Read Story 11/16/2016 Uganda
Scientists bang heads in Malawi to save Cassava from viral
Read Story 11/16/2016 Malawi
Accelerated Cassava breeding coming via OHV
technology collaboration
Read Story 11/16/2016 USA
The output of 2nd Introductory Workshop on Ethanol
production from Cassava
Read Story 11/15/2016 Thailand
The Cassava Genome Hub: Terabytes of tuberous tropical root
research set to revolutionize big data for agriculture
Read Story 11/15/2016 Vietnam
Efforts on stream to increase cassava yield Read Story 11/13/2016 Guyana
IITA scientist and spouse counsel young innovators in Nigeria Read Story 11/11/2016 Nigeria
Fight against Ganoderma root rot disease begins in the acacia seedling Read Story 11/08/2016 Vietnam
Special Report: FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment
Mission to Madagascar
Read Story 11/08/2016 FAO
A step towards better nutrition for African children Read Story 11/07/2016 Nigeria
Cassava brown streak virus has a rapidly evolving genome Read Story 11/05/2016 UK
Cassava mechanization workshop at IITA-Ibadan Read Story 11/04/2016 Nigeria
Researchers canvass integrated approach to cassava production Read Story 11/02/2016 Nigeria
Cassava, flies and viruses: studying the role of whiteflies in cassava disease at the BecA-ILRI Hub Read Story 11/02/2016 Kenya
Brewing a cassava crop model Read Story 11/01/2016 Colombia
Anambra gets FG, World Bank backing for cassava project Read Story 11/01/2016 Nigeria
Smart farming of cassava with focus on integrated soil fertility management increases yield by 60% in Tanzania Read Story 10/29/2016 Tanzania
CGIAR announces approval of next phase of CRPs Read Story 10/28/2016 Peru
IITA cited for its efforts in improving food and nutrition security Read Story 10/28/2016 Nigeria
CTCRI Vision 2050 Read Story 10/28/2016 India
Application for admission to One-Year training programme in modern and sustainable agriculture Read Story 10/28/2016 Nigeria
Kenyan scientists on track to develop virus-resistant cassava Read Story 10/27/2016 Kenya
Researchers root for more cassava research Read Story 10/27/2016 USA
CAVA II Uganda adopts over 40 new SMEs and CPGs into cassava production and processing Read Story 10/26/2016 Uganda
Scientists root for more cassava research to help meet greater demand for food Read Story 10/25/2016 UK
Visting researcher focuses on droughts and climate variability Read Story 10/25/2016 Sweden
Chevron launches cassava projects with 40 graduates Read Story 10/24/2016 Nigeria
Accepting applications for 2017 Borlaug fellowships Read Story 10/17/2016 USA
5-year corn, cassava roadmap for AgNor OK’d Read Story 10/16/2016 Philippines
Programs empower women farmers around the world Read Story 10/15/2016 USA
Auburn University post-doc tracks cassava virus history in East Africa Read Story 10/14/2016 Kenya
Guangdong Province to support the production of cassava CATAS farm mechanization "going out" Read Story 10/13/2016 China
Joint station, to carry out cassava research Read Story 10/11/2016 China
Handbook on arthropod pests and diseases of cassava released Read Story 10/10/2016 Philippines
Ivorian cassava yield triples with better soil management Read Story 10/04/2016 Belgium
IITA DDG strengthens ties with staff, partners in Rwanda Read Story 10/01/2016 Nigeria
Integrated weed control holds promise for cassava revolution
in smallholder farms, says Cornell professor
Read Story 09/26/2016 Nigeria

Video: Ugandan scientists to make plastic bags out of cassava

Read Story 09/25/2016 Uganda
Edible crickets can be reared on weeds and cassava plant tops Read Story 09/22/2016 Sweden
Improving cassava processing: less energy, higher efficiency
and more stable prices
Read Story 09/19/2016 Peru
Cassava varieties show promise against deadly diseases Read Story 09/16/2016 Kenya
Celebrating achievements in the IITA Year of Open Access Read Story 09/09/2016 Nigeria
Gates grant helps NC state solve molecular mysteries Read Story 09/08/2016 USA
Cassava genome mapped to help boost its qualities Read Story 09/05/2016 Kenya
Vitamin A Cassava, Maize not GM Crops, say FG, experts Read Story 08/24/2016 Nigeria
The potential of using biotechnology to improve cassava: a review Read Story 08/12/2016 Colombia
GIZ, PIND partner with Federal Government, development
organizations on National Cassava Summit
Read Story 08/04/2016 Nigeria
A boost for Cassava production Read Story 06/23/2016 Nigeria
African cassava initiative moves to reduce yield gap on the continent Read Story 06/08/2016 Nigeria
Finally, ACAI and IITA-CWMP adopt Cassava matters
as common platform for communication
Read Story 06/03/2016 Nigeria
Corpoica and CIAT: committed to developing a better seed
collection management system
Read Story 06/01/2016 Colombia
The Rockefeller Foundation Cassava innovation challenge Read Story 05/12/2016 USA
Improving techniques to reduce postharvest losses: APHLIS+ launch Read Story 05/09/2016 Ghana
Future Smartphones will tell you what’s killing your plants Read Story 04/26/2016 Philippines
New project to build commercially sustainable cassava
seed system in Nigeria
Read Story 04/22/2016 Nigeria
Cassava's genetic map hints at cyanide secrets Read Story 04/19/2016 USA
Comparative analysis highlights impacts of previous
breeding programs on cassava genome
Read Story 04/18/2016 USA
Cassava in south-east Asia under threat from witches' broom disease Read Story 04/15/2016 Vietnam
Linkages between staple crops research and poverty outcomes Read Story 04/04/2016 Peru
Long dry season, diseases affect cassava production in Lango Read Story 03/30/2016 Uganda
Tackling climate change in agriculture Read Story 03/29/2016 Vietnam
Bill Gates donates $6m for cassava and rice farming in Nigeria Read Story 03/27/2016 Nigeria
Crop Research Institute invents cassava harvester Read Story 03/20/2016 Ghana
Melatonin plays a role in controlling postharvest physiological
deterioration of cassava storage roots
Read Story 03/17/2016 China
KNUST hosts quarterly meeting of the IITA-McGill Cassava project Read Story 03/15/2016 Nigeria
The annual AAAS meeting looked at the immune system,
Roman portraits and genetic engineering. But first: improvements
to a staple African crop
Read Story 02/20/2016 Washington
Scientists discuss global Whitefly menace Read Story 02/16/2016 Africa

African Cassava agronomy initiative to change the fortunes of cassava farmers

Read Story 01/27/2016 Nigeria