Second Scientific Conference of the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century, 18-22 June, 2012, Kampala, Uganda - Electronic Proceedings

Table of Contents  
Plenary Sessions    
Luncheon Talks    
Special Session for Priority Setting    
Scientific Sessions    
Session 1 Biodiversity & Genetic Resources Session 7 Abiotic Stress & PPD
Session 2 CMD & CBB Session 8 Molecular Breeding
Session 3 Genomics & Gene Discovery Session 9 Field Breeding
Session 4 Agronomy & Field Production Session 10 Biofortification & Metabolic Engineering
Session 5 CBSD Session 11 Seed Systems
Session 6 Transgenic TC & DH Session 12 Value Chain

Plenary Sessions

Session Name Please note: Presentation links below require Adobe Flash Player and may not work on mobile devices
PS05 Claude Fauquet Abstract -- PPT
PS06 Eugene Terry Abstract -- Presentation
PS08 Martin Fregene Abstract -- Presentation
PS09 John Thresh Abstract -- Presentation
PS12 Andy Jarvis Abstract -- Presentation
PS13 Donald Ort Abstract -- Presentation
PS14 JP Legg Abstract -- Presentation
PS15 Anthony Bellotti Abstract -- Presentation
PS16 Joe Tohme Abstract -- Presentation
PS17 Valérie Verdier Abstract -- Presentation
PS18 Gengyun Zhang Abstract -- Presentation
PS19 Steve Rounsley Abstract -- Presentation
PS20 Martha Hamblin Abstract -- Presentation
PS21 Patrick Schnable Abstract -- Presentation
PS22 Greg F.W. Gocal Abstract

Luncheon Talks

LS01 F. Opio Abstract
LS05 Josephine Songa Abstract

Special Session for Priority Setting

  Graham Thiele Abstract
SS01 Claude Fauquet Abstract
SS02 Graham Thiele Abstract
SS03 Joseph Rusike Abstract
SS04 Glenn Hyman Abstract
SS05 H. Kirscht Abstract

Scientific Sessions

Session 1 Biodiversity & Genetic Resources

Oral Presentations  
S01-01 C. Hershey Abstract -- PPT
S01-02 James Anderson Abstract -- PPT
S01-03 Beyene Dereje Abstract
S01-04 Prapit Wongtiem Abstract -- PPT
S01-05 Ranjana Bhattacharjee Abstract -- PPT
S01-06 Alfredo A. C. Alves Abstract
S01-07 R. Escobar Abstract
S01-08 Badara Gueye Abstract
S01-09 Luiz Joaquim Castelo Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP01-01 Olalekan Akinbo Abstract
SP01-02 Opas Boonseng Abstract
SP01-03 Wilson Castelblanco Abstract
SP01-04 Ricardo Josué Macia Abstract
SP01-05 M.N. Sheela Abstract
SP01-06 M.N. Sheela Abstract
Session 2 CMD & CBB  

Oral Presentations  
S02-01 Camilo López Abstract -- PPT
S02-02 Adebayo Ogunkanmi Abstract
S02-03 Paula Diaz Abstract
S02-04 Rebecca Bart Abstract
S02-05 Wilhelm Gruissem Abstract
S02-06 Nigel Taylor Abstract
S02-07 John Odipio Abstract
S02-08 Linda Hanley-Bowdoin Abstract
S02-09 Mikhail Poo Abstract
S02-10 Cyprian Rajabu Abstract
S02-11 Fidèle Tiendrebeogo Abstract
S02-12 Mireille Harimalala Abstract
S02-13 Ken Fening Abstract
S02-14 Habibu Mugerwa Abstract
S02-15 Mathias Tembo Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP02-01 Andrew Appiah Abstract
SP02-02 Oluwole Ariyo Abstract
SP02-03 Ibrahim Benesi Abstract
SP02-04 Patrick Chikoti Abstract
SP02-05 D C Deepthi Abstract
SP02-06 Wilfred Elegba Abstract
SP02-07 Valentina Hurtado Abstract
SP02-08 M L Jeeva Abstract
SP02-09 Paul Kuria Abstract
SP02-10 Cesar Medina Abstract
SP02-11 Godefroid Monde Abstract
SP02-12 Phanuwat Moonjuntha Abstract
SP02-13 Maabo Moralo Abstract
SP02-14 Alejandra Munoz Bodnar Abstract
SP02-15 Joseph Ndunguru Abstract
SP02-16 Gertrude Night Abstract
SP02-17 Geoffrey Okao-Okuja Abstract
SP02-18 Richardson Okechukwu Abstract
SP02-19 Joseph Onyeka Abstract
SP02-20 Justin Pita Abstract
SP02-21 Senthil Sankar Abstract
SP02-22 Makeshkumar Thangaraj Abstract
SP02-23 Makeshkumar Thangaraj Abstract
SP02-24 César Trujillo Abstract
Session 3 Genomics & Gene Discovery

Oral Presentations  
S03-01 Ismail Rabbi Abstract
S03-02 Morag Ferguson Abstract -- PPT
S03-03 Wenquan Wang Abstract -- PPT
S03-04 Motoaki Seki Abstract -- PPT
S03-05 Stephan Winter Abstract -- PPT
S03-06 Adriana Bohorquez Abstract -- PPT
S03-07 Pinghua Li Abstract -- PPT
S03-08 Punchapat Sojikul Abstract -- PPT
S03-09 Haiyan Wang Abstract -- PPT
S03-10 Christopher McLaren Abstract -- PPT
Poster Presentations  
SP03-01 Charlotte Acharya Abstract
SP03-02 Luiz Carvalho Abstract
SP03-03 Luiz Carvalho Abstract
SP03-04 Luiz Carvalho Abstract
SP03-05 Tinashe Chabikwa Abstract -- PPT
SP03-06 Roosevelt Escobar Abstract
SP03-07 Heneriko Kulembeka Abstract
SP03-08 Luis Leal Abstract
SP03-09 Jaime Marín Abstract
SP03-10 Inosters Nzuki Abstract
SP03-11 Alvaro Pérez-Quintero Abstract
SP03-12 Molemi Rauwane  
SP03-13 Sarah Rogans Abstract
SP03-14 Karoline Sichalwe Abstract
SP03-15 Nigel Taylor Abstract
SP03-16 Hale Tufan Abstract
SP03-17 Peng Zhang PPT
Session 4 Agronomy & Field Production  

Oral Presentations  
S04-01 Byju Gangadharan Abstract
S04-02 Marcellin Allagbe Abstract
S04-03 Octavie Yomeni Abstract
S04-04 Deusdedit Mlay Abstract
S04-05 Gregorio Creamer Abstract
S04-06 Nedunchezhiyan Maniyam Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP04-01 Joy Adiele Abstract
SP04-02 Isaiah Afolabi Abstract
SP04-03 Emmanuel Attoe Abstract
SP04-04 Pacharada Chaisri Abstract -- PPT
SP04-05 Sakol Chaisri Abstract
SP04-06 Gregorio Creamer Abstract
SP04-07 Ken Fening Abstract
SP04-08 Byju Gangadharan Abstract
SP04-09 Andrew Mtonga Abstract
SP04-10 Wonder Nunekpeku Abstract
SP04-11 Adeyemi Olojede Abstract
SP04-12 Kingkan Panitnok Abstract -- PPT
SP04-13 Titilayo Sangoyomi Abstract
SP04-14 Paweena Thongluang Abstract -- PPT
SP04-15 Yudi Widodo Abstract
Session 5 CBSD  

Oral Presentations  
S05-01 Stephan Winter Abstract -- PPT
S05-02 Rudolph Shirima Abstract -- PPT
S05-03 Alex Abaca Abstract -- PPT
S05-04 Ravi Anjanappa Abstract -- PPT
S05-05 Maruthi Gowda Abstract -- PPT
S05-06 Esther Masumba Abstract -- PPT
S05-07 Vincent Kyaligonza Abstract -- PPT
S05-08 Tadeo Kaweesi Abstract -- PPT
S05-09 Emmanuel Ogwok Abstract -- PPT
S05-10 Claude Fauquet Abstract -- PPT
S05-11 Herve Vanderschuren Abstract -- PPT
Poster Presentations  
SP05-01 Phillip Abidrabo Abstract
SP05-02 Elijah Ateka Abstract
SP05-03 Margaret Atim Abstract
SP05-04 Grégoire Bani Abstract
SP05-05 Maruthi Gowda Abstract -- PPT
SP05-06 Maruthi Gowda Abstract -- PPT
SP05-07 John Irungu Abstract
SP05-08 Marie Claire Kanyange Abstract
SP05-09 Kasifa Katono Abstract -- PPT
SP05-10 Bernadetha Kimata Abstract
SP05-11 Lava Kumar Abstract
SP05-12 Isabel Moreno Abstract
SP05-13 Mtakai Ngara Abstract
SP05-14 Ephraim Nuwamanya Abstract
SP05-15 Kasele Feruzi Salum Abstract
SP05-16 Julian Smith Abstract
SP05-17 Nigel Taylor Abstract
SP05-18 Stephan Winter Abstract
SP05-19 Stephan Winter Abstract
Session 6 Transgenic TC & DH  

Oral Presentations  
S06-01 Herve Vanderschuren Abstract -- PPT
S06-02 Marie Rey Abstract -- PPT
S06-03 Evans Nyaboga Abstract
S06-04 Nigel Taylor Abstract
S06-05 Gladness Elibariki Abstract -- PPT
S06-06 Peng Zhang Abstract -- PPT
S06-07 Hernan Ceballos Abstract -- PPT
Poster Presentations  
SP06-01 Alfredo Alves Abstract
SP06-02 Alfredo Alves Abstract
SP06-03 Hellen Apio Abstract
SP06-04 Margaret Atim Abstract
SP06-05 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP06-06 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP06-07 Aime Diamuini Abstract
SP06-08 Christina Kidulile Abstract
SP06-09 Zaida Lentini Abstract
SP06-10 Chukwuemeka Nkere Abstract
SP06-11 Evans Nyaboga Abstract
SP06-12 Evans Nyaboga Abstract
SP06-13 Perpetua Okoro Abstract
SP06-14 Perera Prasanthi Abstract
SP06-15 Perera Prasanthi Abstract
SP06-16 Nigel Taylor Abstract
SP06-17 Nigel Taylor Abstract
SP06-18 Nigel Taylor Abstract
SP06-19 Makeshkumar Thangaraj Abstract
SP06-20 Changhu Wang Abstract
SP06-21 Maria Wedzony Abstract
SP06-22 Prapit Wongtiem Abstract
Session 7 Abiotic Stress & PPD  

Oral Presentations  
S07-01 Chiedozie Egesi Abstract
S07-02 Tim Setter Abstract
S07-03 Emmanuel Okogbenin Abstract
S07-04 Nor Mahmod Abstract
S07-05 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
S07-06 Herve Vanderschuren Abstract
S07-07 Kirsten Jorgensen Abstract
S07-08 Ming Peng Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP07-01 Olalekan Akinbo Abstract
SP07-02 Alfredo Alves Abstract
SP07-03 Alfredo Alves Abstract
SP07-04 Gregorio Creamer Abstract
SP07-05 Ngozi Edoh Abstract
SP07-06 Okechukwu Eke-Okoro Abstract
SP07-07 Favour Ewa Abstract -- PPT
SP07-08 James George Abstract
SP07-09 Roslyn Gleadow Abstract
SP07-10 Holger Kirscht Abstract
SP07-11 Diana Knudsen Abstract
SP07-12 Gabriel Nkomo Abstract
SP07-13 Ephraim Nuwamanya Abstract
SP07-14 Frederik Schmidt Abstract
SP07-15 Tim Setter Abstract
SP07-16 Ogundapo Taiwo Abstract
SP07-17 Frank Turyagyenda Abstract
SP07-18 Peng Zhang Abstract
Session 8 Molecular Breeding  

Oral Presentations  
S08-01 Emmanuel Nwachukwu Abstract
S08-02 Peng Zhang Abstract
S08-03 Getu Beyene Abstract
S08-04 Mark Halsey Abstract
S08-05 Douglas Miano Abstract
S08-06 Heneriko Kulembeka Abstract
S08-07 Luis Becerra Lopez-Lavalle Abstract
S08-08 Jorge Duitama Abstract
S08-09 Joseph Asiwe Abstract
S08-10 Emmanuel Okogbenin Abstract
S08-11 Sakol Chaisri Abstract
S08-12 Olalekan Akinbo  
S08-13 Damaris Odeny Abstract
S08-14 Chiedozie Egesi Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP08-01 Olalekan Akinbo Abstract
SP08-02 Godwin Amenorpe Abstract
SP08-03 Luis Becerra Lopez-Lavalle Abstract
SP08-04 Opas Boonseng Abstract
SP08-05 Suchati Kamoon Abstract
SP08-06 Clet Masiga Abstract -- PPT
SP08-07 Olapeju Onadipe Abstract
SP08-08 Princess Onyegbule Abstract -- PPT
SP08-09 Elizabeth Parkes Abstract
SP08-10 Andrea Vasquez Abstract
SP08-11 Esuma Williams Abstract
SP08-12 Sakol Chaisri Abstract
SP08-12 M.E. Rauwane Abstract
SP08-13 O. Akinbo Abstract
Session 9 Field Breeding  

Oral Presentations  
S09-01 Luiz Carvalho Abstract
S09-02 Hernan Ceballos Abstract -- PPT
S09-03 Sheela Mhadavi Abstract -- PPT
S09-04 Elizabeth Kizito Abstract -- PPT
S09-05 Shadreck Bwembya Abstract -- PPT
S09-06 Heneriko Kulembeka Abstract -- PPT
S09-07 Michael Chipeta Abstract -- PPT
S09-08 Geoffrey Mkamilo Abstract -- PPT
S09-09 Theresia Munga Abstract -- PPT
S09-10 Elizabeth Parkes Abstract -- PPT
S09-11 David Osiru Abstract -- PPT
S09-12 Peter Kulakow Abstract -- PPT
S09-13 Samuel Onwuka Abstract -- PPT
S09-14 Damian Njoku Abstract -- PPT
Poster Presentations  
SP09-01 Joan Amanze Abstract
SP09-02 Joan Amanze Abstract
SP09-03 Luiz Carvalho Abstract
SP09-04 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP09-05 Sakol Chaisri Abstract
SP09-06 Eunice Ekaette Abstract
SP09-07 Kenneth Eluwa Abstract -- PPT
SP09-08 Lydia Ezenwaka Abstract -- PPT
SP09-09 Ugochukwu Ikeogu Abstract
SP09-10 Joseph Kamau Abstract
SP09-11 Norbert Maroya Abstract
SP09-12 Boni N'Zue Abstract
SP09-13 Damian Njoku Abstract
SP09-14 Damian Njoku Abstract
SP09-15 Alex Ogbonna Abstract
SP09-16 Henry Ogbuekiri Abstract -- PPT
SP09-17 Bunmi Olasanmi Abstract -- PPT
SP09-18 Bright Peprah Abstract
SP09-19 Robooni Tumuhimbise Abstract -- PPT
SP09-20 Prapit Wongtiem Abstract
Session 10 Biofortification & Metabolic Engineering

Oral Presentations  
S10-01 Busie Maziya-dixon Abstract
S10-02 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
S10-03 Peng Zhang Abstract
S10-04 Suchati Kamoon Abstract
S10-05 Dominique Dufour Abstract
S10-06 Rungravee Boontung Abstract
S10-07 Chiedozie Egesi Abstract
S10-08 Maria Okoro Abstract
S10-09 Adelodun Kolapo Abstract
S10-10 Kuan-Te Li Abstract
Poster Presesentations  
SP10-01 Abolade Afolabi Abstract
SP10-02 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP10-03 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP10-04 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP10-05 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP10-06 Omodamiro Majekodunmi Abstract -- PPT
SP10-07 Joyce Malinga Abstract -- PPT
SP10-08 Margaret Maoni Abstract
SP10-09 Festus Massaquoi Abstract
SP10-10 Busie Maziya-dixon Abstract
SP10-11 Busie Maziya-dixon Abstract
SP10-12 Busie Maziya-dixon Abstract
SP10-13 Salome Mutayoba Abstract -- PPT
SP10-14 Ivory Ndukwe Abstract
SP10-15 Andrew Nkubana Abstract -- PPT
SP10-16 M.J. Okoro Abstract -- PPT
Session 11 Seed Systems  

Oral Presentations  
S11-01 Dai Peters Abstract
S11-02 Stephen Walsh Abstract
S11-03 Adam Okecha Abstract
S11-04 Simon Jeremiah Abstract
S11-05 Rory Hillocks Abstract
S11-06 James Legg Abstract
S11-07 Julian Smith Abstract
S11-08 Roosevelt Escobar Perez Abstract
S11-09 Drinah Nyirenda Abstract
S11-10 Malachy Akoroda Abstract
S11-11 Pheneas Ntawuruhunga Abstract
S11-12 Kenneth Ekwe Abstract
S11-13 Samson Odedina Abstract
S11-14 Sally Njoku Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP11-01 Godwin Asumugha Abstract
SP11-02 Sylvain Hakizimana Abstract
SP11-03 Edward Kanju Abstract
SP11-04 Thaddee Matereza Abstract
SP11-05 Theresia Ngendello Abstract
SP11-06 Thomas Ngue bissa Abstract
SP11-07 Benard Odero Abstract
SP11-08 Sally Njoku Abstract - PPT
SP11-09 Supranee Ngamprasitthi Abstract - PPT
Session 12 Value Chain  

Oral Presentations  
S12-01 Mpoko Bokanga Abstract
S12-02 Adebayo Abass Abstract
S12-03 Marco Patino Abstract
S12-04 Steven Tumwesigye Abstract
S12-05 Adeyinka Oludiran Abstract
S12-06 Winfred Chanza Abstract
S12-07 Andrew Westby Abstract
S12-08 Beatrice Mukasa Abstract
S12-09 Adetayo Aromolaran Abstract
S12-10 Leon Brimer Abstract
S12-11 Keith Fahrney Abstract
S12-12 Andrew Westby Abstract
Poster Presentations  
SP12-01 Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa Abstract
SP12-02 Bolanle Akinwande Abstract
SP12-03 Richard Akromah Abstract
SP12-04 Francis Alacho Abstract
SP12-05 George Annor Abstract
SP12-06 Franklin Apea Bah Abstract
SP12-07 Godwin Asumugha Abstract
SP12-08 Idris Ayinde Abstract
SP12-09 Hernan Ceballos Abstract
SP12-10 Ugo Chijioke Abstract -- PPT
SP12-11 Judith Chitedze Abstract
SP12-12 Nanam Dziedzoave Abstract
SP12-13 Folasayo Fayose Abstract
SP12-14 Folasayo Fayose Abstract
SP12-15 Aderemi Foluke Abstract
SP12-16 Askebir Gebru Abstract
SP12-17 Vincentia Hammond Abstract
SP12-18 Chrissie Katundu Abstract
SP12-18 Uzo Klein Leugemors Abstract
SP12-20 Subramaony Moorthy Abstract
SP12-21 Cedric Mutyaba Abstract
SP12-22 Emmanuel Njukwe Abstract -- PPT
SP12-23 Ifeanyi Ojiako Abstract
SP12-24 Ifeanyi Ojiako Abstract
SP12-25 Chukwuemeka Okoye Abstract
SP12-26 Razafimahefa Abstract
SP12-27 Vito Sandifolo Abstract -- PPT
SP12-28 Lateef Sanni Abstract
SP12-29 Papa Sarr Abstract
SP12-30 Ogunlolu Temitope Abstract
SP12-31 Marie-Claire Yandju Abstract
SP12-32 Linley Chiwona-Karltun Abstract

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