GCP21 Secretariat

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The GCP21 Secretariat consists of the Director of GCP21 (Claude Fauquet), the CIAT and IITA representatives on the RTB Management Committee, and the RTB Director (or their designees), and will be chaired by the CIAT representative (Joe Tohme).

The roles and responsibilities of the Secretariat:

  • Appoint members of the Advisory Group
  • Assure optimum linkage and coordination with RTB
  • Develop and approve program and budget for GCP21
  • Coordinate and oversee execution of the GCP21 work plan
  • Assure partner engagement and communication
  • Communicate results and activities
  • Fundraise
  • Periodically review and update the Charter for GCP21, as needed
  • Convene virtually or face to face at least once every two months
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