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Electronic Cassava Root developed by Keith Tomlins at NRI helps tracks the cassava root freshness during transportation from farm to market

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Driving adoption with multi-media platforms: Cassava projects' winning strategy Read Story 07/07/2017 Nigeria
IITA_CGIAR ’s research breakthroughs on Root tuber and Banana highlighted at media forum Read Story 07/05/2017 Nigeria
New cassava varieties to ease Hunger pangs Read Story 07/05/2017 Kenya
Dr.Daniel Debouck received the highest award of Kingdom Belgium:Order of Leopold Read Story 07/01/2017 Colombia
AfDB’s Akinwumi Adesina named 2017 World Food Prize Laureate Read Story 06/30/2017 Global
A Project from Embrapa creates new protocol forlarge-scale production of disease-free, drought-resistant cassava seedlings with good genetic quality cassava seedlings Read Story 06/30/2017 Brazil
Study from embrapa and USDA shows that elevated [CO2] alleviates the effect of drought stress on cassava and increase the yield Read Story 06/30/2017 Brazil
IFAD, AATF to boost 13, 000 farmers with cassava mechanisation programme Read Story 06/28/2017 Nigeria
CRISPR: A new toolbox for better crops Read Story 06/15/2017 USA
Minister of finance visits IITA, ADB-funded agri-business empowerment programme Read Story 06/13/2017 Nigeria
NARO showcases the power of Biotechnology in improving commercial Cassava production Read Story 06/02/2017 Uganda
New study published on FLOWERING LOCUS T triggers early and fertile flowering in glasshouse-grown cassava plants Read Story 05/31/2017 Belgium
Tackling agriculturally relevant diseases in the staple crop cassava (Manihot esculenta) Read Story 05/23/2017 Switzerland
Treasure trove of new plant discoveries revealed including 11 new species of cassava from Brazil Read Story 05/21/2017 UK
Agri-tech innovation is breaking down barriers for African cassava farmers Read Story 05/17/2017 South Africa
New manuals show how to extend shelf-life of cassava roots to increase incomes & food security Read Story 05/17/2017 Peru
RTB launches second phase and enhanced partnership with Wageningen University & Research Read Story 05/17/2017 Peru
New opportunities and challenges to engineer disease resistance in cassava, a staple food of African small-holder farmers Read Story 05/11/2017 USA
Gorta-Self Help Africa wins €6.5m crop project in Kenya Read Story 0511/2017 Kenya
Building an Economically Sustainable Seed System for Cassava in Tanzania (BEST Cassava) Read Story 05/10/2017 Tanzania
Innovatively expanding the reach and impact of Vitamin A Cassava in Africa Read Story 05/04/2017 Nigeria
Cassava is genetically decaying, putting staple crop at risk Read Story 05/03/2017 Nigeria
Accelerating scaling of innovations in the African Cassava Agronomy Initiative Read Story 05/03/2017 Nigeria
New cassava cultivar released by the Tropical Crops Genetic Resource Institute, China Read Story 04/26/2017 China
New cassava variety to lift West Nile farmers off the poverty hook Read Story 04/23/2017 Uganda
Minister tasks research institutes to commercialise findings Read Story 04/21/2017 Nigeria
Scientist use phylogeny to isolate the the cassava’s biggest destroyer: whiteflies, in Kenya Read Story 04/20/2017 Kenya
Researchers to unveil techniques for controlling weeds in cassava Read Story 03/30/2017 Nigeria
Rockefeller Foundation announces $500,000 funding for university’s "Cassava Bag" Read Story 03/29/2017 UK
Experts to develop commercial models for Cassava Read Story 03/23/2017 Nigeria
Comparative gender efficiency in Cassava production in Ogun State, Nigeria Read Story 03/23/2017 Nigeria
Nigeria to benefit from N7.6b cassava grant Read Story 03/21/2017 Nigeria
Gender training workshop report by Prof. Janice Olawoye Read Story 03/17/2017 Nigeria
New research claimed to identify the first cyanogenic glucoside transporter in cassava responsible for toxic cassava Read Story 03/16/2017 Denmark
Early transcriptome response to brown streak virus infection in susceptible and resistant cassava varieties Read Story 03/12/2017 Switzerland
Early transcriptome response to brown streak virus infection in susceptible and resistant cassava varieties Read Story 03/12/2017 Switzerland
Scientists to detail progress and challenges regarding global cassava threats at meetings in Nigeria Read Story 03/10/2017 Nigeria
DA-PRDP to start cassava granules production in S. Cotabato Read Story 03/10/2017 Philippines
Eliminating hidden hunger in Africa by fortifying staple crops Read Story 02/26/2017 USA
HarvestPlus plans 500,000mt demand for biofortified crops, foods in 2017 Read Story 02/26/2017 Nigeria
The magic of cassava: adapting to climate change in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Read Story 02/23/2017 DRC
Ericulture- a boom to cassava farmers Read Story 02/21/2017 Thailand
Gene expression atlas for the food security crop cassava Read Story 02/16/2017 USA
Ogun govt partners IFAD on cassava, rice production Read Story 02/15/2017 Nigeria
Innovative NRI projects measure up tools for improved nutrition Read Story 02/10/2017 UK
Malawi farmers apply new methods to increase yield Read Story 02/14/2017 Malawi
CPR releases new variety of Cassava variety to Tanzania Read Story 02/09/2017 Tanzania
African Cassava Agronomy Initiative helps unlock the agronomy of cassava across Nigeria and Tanzania Read Story 02/09/2017 Nigeria

Global partnerships for improving cassava

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Controlling the twin viral cassava diseases in East Africa through breeding-major victories, but fight is far from over Read Story 02/06/2017 Tanzania
Effects of CO2 Enrichment on Drought-Stressed Cassava Plants Read Story 02/02/2017 Publication
VSU study bares how phytoplasma impair cassava Read Story 02/01/2017 Philippines
A simple hydroponic hardening system and the effect of nitrogen source on the acclimation of in vitro cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Read Story 01/29/2017 Colombia
CRISPR inventors expand into agriculture to create desired mutations in Cassava and many other crops Read Story 01/26/2017 USA
Research shows how to grow more cassava, one of the world’s key food crops Read Story 01/25/2017 USA
Cassava could 'transform economies' in Central Africa Read Story 01/24/2016 Cameroon
West Australian agricultural scientist wins prestigious TED fellowship Read Story 01/20/2017 Australia
New disease resistant cassava varieties to be multiplied Read Story 12/28/2016 Rwanda
Cassava coup for Africa with new technology Read Story 01/17/2016 Australia
New disease resistant cassava varieties to be multiplied Read Story 12/28/2016 Rwanda
Co-fermentation of cassava waste pulp hydrolysate with molasses to ethanol for economic optimization Read Story 12/28/2016 Thailand
New book on cassava now online Read Story 12/28/2016 Global
Danforth Center receives funding to expand cassava project to Nigeria Read Story 12/23/2016 Nigeria
Promote alliances in cassava R&D to aid food security Read Story 12/21/2016 Cameroon
Why We’re Biofortifying Staple Foods – Howarth Bouis Read Story 12/16/2016 Nigeria
IITA Cameroon participates in the CTA Cassava regional Forum in Yaoundé Read Story 12/16/2016 Nigeria
Behind the cover: New phytologist 213:1, January 2017 Read Story 12/12/2016 Global
Isabela-made implement digs cassava fast Read Story 12/05/2016 Philippines
Tanzania partners with Cornell-affiliated NextGen Cassava Read Story 12/05/2016 Tanzania
Global initiative calls for urgent action against invasive alien species Read Story 11/29/2016 Global
Divergent evolutionary and epidemiological dynamics of
cassava mosaic geminiviruses in Madagascar
Read Story 11/29/2016 Madagascar
Southwestern Colombia will have two new varieties of
cassava delivered by Corpoica
Read Story 11/29/2016 Colombia
The 1st International Fair of Cassava (Fiman) brings together
60 exhibitors and 5000 visitors
Read Story 11/27/2016 Brazil
UNIDO promotes cassava bioethanol technology transfer
at a Ho Chi Minh City 
Read Story 11/27/2016 Vietnam
Lassa fever: UI researcher develops rat baits from cassava waste Read Story 11/27/2016 Nigeria
Chapter contribution to a new book Read Story 11/23/2016 Ghana
Transforming cassava peel waste to quality feeds fast-tracked
by private sector in Nigeria
Read Story 11/21/2016 Nigeria
Eleven years of breeding efforts to combat cassava brown
streak disease
Read Story 11/16/2016 Uganda
Scientists bang heads in Malawi to save Cassava from viral
Read Story 11/16/2016 Malawi
Accelerated Cassava breeding coming via OHV
technology collaboration
Read Story 11/16/2016 USA
The output of 2nd Introductory Workshop on Ethanol
production from Cassava
Read Story 11/15/2016 Thailand
The Cassava Genome Hub: Terabytes of tuberous tropical root
research set to revolutionize big data for agriculture
Read Story 11/15/2016 Vietnam
Efforts on stream to increase cassava yield Read Story 11/13/2016 Guyana
IITA scientist and spouse counsel young innovators in Nigeria Read Story 11/11/2016 Nigeria
Fight against Ganoderma root rot disease begins in the acacia seedling Read Story 11/08/2016 Vietnam
Special Report: FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment
Mission to Madagascar
Read Story 11/08/2016 FAO
A step towards better nutrition for African children Read Story 11/07/2016 Nigeria
Cassava brown streak virus has a rapidly evolving genome Read Story 11/05/2016 UK
Cassava mechanization workshop at IITA-Ibadan Read Story 11/04/2016 Nigeria
Researchers canvass integrated approach to cassava production Read Story 11/02/2016 Nigeria
Cassava, flies and viruses: studying the role of whiteflies in cassava disease at the BecA-ILRI Hub Read Story 11/02/2016 Kenya
Brewing a cassava crop model Read Story 11/01/2016 Colombia
Anambra gets FG, World Bank backing for cassava project Read Story 11/01/2016 Nigeria
Smart farming of cassava with focus on integrated soil fertility management increases yield by 60% in Tanzania Read Story 10/29/2016 Tanzania
CGIAR announces approval of next phase of CRPs Read Story 10/28/2016 Peru
IITA cited for its efforts in improving food and nutrition security Read Story 10/28/2016 Nigeria
CTCRI Vision 2050 Read Story 10/28/2016 India
Application for admission to One-Year training programme in modern and sustainable agriculture Read Story 10/28/2016 Nigeria
Kenyan scientists on track to develop virus-resistant cassava Read Story 10/27/2016 Kenya
Researchers root for more cassava research Read Story 10/27/2016 USA
CAVA II Uganda adopts over 40 new SMEs and CPGs into cassava production and processing Read Story 10/26/2016 Uganda
Scientists root for more cassava research to help meet greater demand for food Read Story 10/25/2016 UK
Visting researcher focuses on droughts and climate variability Read Story 10/25/2016 Sweden
Chevron launches cassava projects with 40 graduates Read Story 10/24/2016 Nigeria
Accepting applications for 2017 Borlaug fellowships Read Story 10/17/2016 USA
5-year corn, cassava roadmap for AgNor OK’d Read Story 10/16/2016 Philippines
Programs empower women farmers around the world Read Story 10/15/2016 USA
Auburn University post-doc tracks cassava virus history in East Africa Read Story 10/14/2016 Kenya
Guangdong Province to support the production of cassava CATAS farm mechanization "going out" Read Story 10/13/2016 China
Joint station, to carry out cassava research Read Story 10/11/2016 China
Handbook on arthropod pests and diseases of cassava released Read Story 10/10/2016 Philippines
Ivorian cassava yield triples with better soil management Read Story 10/04/2016 Belgium
IITA DDG strengthens ties with staff, partners in Rwanda Read Story 10/01/2016 Nigeria
Integrated weed control holds promise for cassava revolution
in smallholder farms, says Cornell professor
Read Story 09/26/2016 Nigeria

Video: Ugandan scientists to make plastic bags out of cassava

Read Story 09/25/2016 Uganda
Edible crickets can be reared on weeds and cassava plant tops Read Story 09/22/2016 Sweden
Improving cassava processing: less energy, higher efficiency
and more stable prices
Read Story 09/19/2016 Peru
Cassava varieties show promise against deadly diseases Read Story 09/16/2016 Kenya
Celebrating achievements in the IITA Year of Open Access Read Story 09/09/2016 Nigeria
Gates grant helps NC state solve molecular mysteries Read Story 09/08/2016 USA
Cassava genome mapped to help boost its qualities Read Story 09/05/2016 Kenya
Vitamin A Cassava, Maize not GM Crops, say FG, experts Read Story 08/24/2016 Nigeria
The potential of using biotechnology to improve cassava: a review Read Story 08/12/2016 Colombia
GIZ, PIND partner with Federal Government, development
organizations on National Cassava Summit
Read Story 08/04/2016 Nigeria
A boost for Cassava production Read Story 06/23/2016 Nigeria
African cassava initiative moves to reduce yield gap on the continent Read Story 06/08/2016 Nigeria
Finally, ACAI and IITA-CWMP adopt Cassava matters
as common platform for communication
Read Story 06/03/2016 Nigeria
Corpoica and CIAT: committed to developing a better seed
collection management system
Read Story 06/01/2016 Colombia
The Rockefeller Foundation Cassava innovation challenge Read Story 05/12/2016 USA
Improving techniques to reduce postharvest losses: APHLIS+ launch Read Story 05/09/2016 Ghana
Future Smartphones will tell you what’s killing your plants Read Story 04/26/2016 Philippines
New project to build commercially sustainable cassava
seed system in Nigeria
Read Story 04/22/2016 Nigeria
Cassava's genetic map hints at cyanide secrets Read Story 04/19/2016 USA
Comparative analysis highlights impacts of previous
breeding programs on cassava genome
Read Story 04/18/2016 USA
Cassava in south-east Asia under threat from witches' broom disease Read Story 04/15/2016 Vietnam
Linkages between staple crops research and poverty outcomes Read Story 04/04/2016 Peru
Long dry season, diseases affect cassava production in Lango Read Story 03/30/2016 Uganda
Tackling climate change in agriculture Read Story 03/29/2016 Vietnam
Bill Gates donates $6m for cassava and rice farming in Nigeria Read Story 03/27/2016 Nigeria
Crop Research Institute invents cassava harvester Read Story 03/20/2016 Ghana
Melatonin plays a role in controlling postharvest physiological
deterioration of cassava storage roots
Read Story 03/17/2016 China
KNUST hosts quarterly meeting of the IITA-McGill Cassava project Read Story 03/15/2016 Nigeria
The annual AAAS meeting looked at the immune system,
Roman portraits and genetic engineering. But first: improvements
to a staple African crop
Read Story 02/20/2016 Washington
Scientists discuss global Whitefly menace Read Story 02/16/2016 Africa

African Cassava agronomy initiative to change the fortunes of cassava farmers

Read Story 01/27/2016 Nigeria