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You will find here some infographic documents about cassava that have been made by various authors in the world. We provide the link with the original website where it was posted, where you can find more information, credit information and licensing restrictions for commercial use and we provide a jpg of the poster for download.

If you have your own infographic documents and if you would like to share them on the GCP21 website, please send us a pdf version and a website address where to have more information.

List of Infographic documents

     Center of Origin of Cassava Diverse Importance of Cassava
Cassava Infographic IFDC Cassava Commercialization
Adaptability of Cassava Cassava Wild Crosses
Cassava Spread Africa VIRCA
Cassava & Beer Health Benefits of Tapioca
Cassava Benefits RIPe infographic
Cassava Achile's Heel

Nigeria Cassava
Nigeria Cassava Exports
Nigeria Cassava Production
Cassava Mealybugs Cassava Resilience CIAT


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