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Cassava Information

Cassava Books

Cassava Infographics

Cassava Maps

The purpose of these website pages is to direct the reader to the primary information and not to create new information.

The page “Cassava Information” is linking to a number of existing website pages that are describing the plant or the crop cassava, and providing extra information about its cultivation, its processing its nutritional value and more.

The page “Cassava Books” is providing a list of hundreds of books that have been written about cassava for the last 15 years or so. For each reference, there is a link to another website providing more detailed information about the content and where to buy the book.

The page “Cassava Infographics” allows you to download a number of pdf /jpg files that have been done by various authors throughout the world and presenting data about the crop or its products. They are quite informative and educational and can be used for various purposes.

The page “Cassava Maps” is linking the user to cassava maps that can be downloaded for your private use. Some have been located on the web and some have been generated by GCP21.

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