IVth International Cassava Conference – GCP21-IV

Fourth Scientific Conference of the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st – GCP21-IV
After Ghent, Belgium in 2008, Kampala, Uganda in 2012 and Nanning, China in 2016, come and join us for the Fourth Scientific Conference of the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st in Cotonou, Benin, in June 11-15, 2018.

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Exchanging Information: The Benin Conference represents a unique opportunity for exchanging scientific, technical, agricultural, and industrial information about cassava - in particular for the global South and it will facilitate the discourse amongst cassava stakeholders like farmers, end-users, researchers, the private sector and donor agencies.

Melting pot of Expertise: The Benin Conference aims at raising awareness of the importance of cassava in the world, reviewing recent scientific progress, identifying and setting priorities for new opportunities and challenges as well as charting a course to seek R&D support for areas where it is currently inadequate or lacking. Due to its structure and content, the Benin Conference will facilitate the process of bringing together the scientific world and the private sector.

Cassava Transformation in Africa: The African Development Bank – AfDB - is launching, with the contribution of IITA and many other institutions in Africa and in the world, a very ambitious agricultural program entitled: Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation – TAAT, in which cassava is one of the major crops. It is a unique opportunity for all participants to know more about the program and see how they could contribute to this formidable opportunity! There will be plenary sessions, and technical and scientific sessions dedicated to this important theme. It is noteworthy that other nations, could also contribute to this program by providing ideas, suggestions, and expertise. The Benin Conference will facilitate the venue of discussions, workshops and poster sessions to develop world-wide fruitful collaborations.

Benin Conference Participants

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GCP21-IV is primarily for scientists working on cassava around the world. But it is also a congress for policy makers, bankers, developers, communicators, donors and for the private sector, to better use the cassava crop for their respective businesses and for developing new markets. It is of crucial importance that these different categories of people come together to better understand each other, to better design the future improved cassava crop for new and optimized products!

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Cassava Around the World

Cassava is currently the fourth most important food crop in the world, after maize, wheat and rice. Cassava is grown over 24 million hectares in 105 countries in the world, for a total production of 268 million tons in 2014. The global production is by enlarge done by an estimated 6 million very small holders, in the world. However, the average yield of 11 t/Ha is way below the potential of the crop and a lot of efforts have to be deployed to raise the yield globally, but particularly in Africa. However, since 1998, cassava is the crop increasing most, in relative production, in the world, pulled by the starch industry in south east Asia and by food markets in Africa.


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